3 essential books to become a great developer

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Clean code by Robert C. Martin

This book is an essential book that shows you how to write better, more understandable code. It also explains why you should do it this way.

eXtreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck and Cynthia Andres

Extreme programming is not about the code. It is about you as a developer. It guides you through the basic principles of working in a team. Why you should deploy often and how you should structure testing. It is more about the philosophy of being a developer than about how to refactor your code. This book will show you how to be a useful member of the team.

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning by Andy Hunt

When I first read Pragmatic Thinking & Learning, it blew my mind. I was more concerned about the code and not about how to be a more effective learner.


I know that there are other books that I could put on this list. But these three books cover the essential skillset. You can focus on details that are most relevant to you and your journey after you learn the basics.



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Petr Zaparka

Petr Zaparka

I love wine, self-improvement, chocolate and running. I do web development for a living. You can visit zaparka.cz or drop me an email petr@zaparka.cz