Hiding under your blanket will not help.

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Every time we make a mistake, we feel guilty. We feel like hiding it so no one can see it. And if no one can see it, our ego will be safe.

But we know this is not the right way. We need to accept it. We need to take a deep breath and say “it was my fault”. It doesn’t matter if we say it face to face or on Slack. The outcome is the same.

We need to take responsibility even if it wasn’t 100% our fault.

Books that stand the test of time

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Did you ever wonder which books you should read about development? Books that are still relevant despite the advances in computer technology?

I looked at the books that help me the most with my career and that are still relevant today.

How to get more quality work done, in less time

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Let your mind become a lens, thanks to the converging rays of attention; let your soul be all intent on whatever it is that is established in your mind as a dominant, wholly absorbing idea. — Antonin-Dalmace Sertillanges

When the nurseries closed due to Covid-19. I had to find a way to get my work done in four hours instead of eight. Deep work was the answer.

What is Deep Work?

Cal Newport came up with the phrase “deep work.” But he was not the first person to discover the concept. For example, psychologist Carl Jung bought a stone house where he went to…

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I passed my sommelier exam (WSET level 2) without studying from flashcards or drilling text from a study guide. I used ancient techniques used by mental athletes or top performers.

The WSET exam is about learning wine grapes, where they grow around the world, and how their attributes change based on terroir. The study guide is about 200 pages. I have a full-time job and two three-year-old kids, so I don’t have much time to waste. …

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…especially if you try to read every highly recommended book that just comes out.

But what can you do about it? More and more people talk about reading only old books or re-reading books from the past. Let’s look at why you might consider doing the same.

50% of the time it’s better to read one of your “top 10” books than it is to read something new — Eben Pegan

Re-reading books

This is a decision that people who read a lot might make. It’s about limiting the number of books you consume without really understanding them. …

But you can do this instead.

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference — Serenity Prayer

You work with people that make mistakes. People who don’t listen to you or don’t care.

It doesn’t matter if you work as a freelancer or an employee. All kinds of people are working with you. If you are lucky, you will work with people who care. …

When something that looks like a typo, turns into a dive into an ActionView.

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I’m currently migrating our old Rails to newer version. This upgrade includes adding latest Frontend library which includes all css, js, fonts, images you name it.

After doing all the basic work our tester point out a typo in the label on a radio button.

I was a lead developer on a project. The task was to upgrade Rails version and add more functionality. Nothing too complicated. And that was the main problem.

I was part of that team for a while. People left. New people joined. It didn’t feel the same, and I started to get bored.

Boredom is the silent killer

I have never been bored while working on a project. I mean, sure there have been few mundane tasks, but nothing that drags for months.

When I get bored, I start to get sloppy. …

As a developer, I’ve picked up some non-negotiable habits and good practices over the years. But sometimes, I’ve had to work with people who were not on the same wavelength as I was. Most of the time it’s the management.

You can’t convince anyone of anything. You can only give them the right information, so that they convince themselves.

The main reason is usually that we are looking differently at problems and their solutions. We know from experience that cutting corners will get back to us in the form of technical debt or just plain frustration.


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I’m working as web developer, mostly remotely. I use Slack to talk to others on the team. Sometimes I appreciate that I have time to think about the answer instead of just saying something that I would regret later.

Recently I was asked a very strange question by a business analyst. This is just part of the question:

.. which is why I would like to see how the code looks, as maybe I could suggest a way of re-structuring this if so?

Huh? I have to admit that my first thoughts were: Are you kidding me? You are…

Petr Zaparka

I love wine, self-improvement, chocolate and running. I do web development for a living. You can visit zaparka.cz or drop me an email petr@zaparka.cz

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